We have been supplying casting under various international standards like ASTM, DIN, IS, BS etc. as follows:
Alloy Steel
WBC, WCC, WC1, WC6, WC9, C5, C12
Stainless Steel

High Nickel Alloys
HASTEALLOY B & C, Monel, R55
Austenitic Cast Iron
NIR1, NIRD2, AUS205.

1. Carbon Steel Casting conforming to ASTM A 216 / 217 / IS: 1030
2. Cr & Cr-Moly (Low Alloy) Steel Castings conforming to AISI: 5132
3. Austenitic Mn Steel Casting conforming to ASTM A 128
4. Wear Resistant (Ni Hard / Hi-Chrome) Castings ASTM A 532 / IS:4771 / BS: 4844
5. Nickel based super alloys like CZ-100, CY-40, R-55, HASTE ALLOYS B & C etc.
6. Heat Resistant Steel Castings (HRCS) conforming to ASTM A 297
7. Stainless Steel Castings like CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CA6NM, CD4MCu, CA15, CN7M etc. ASTM A 743 / 351 / 352 / IS: 3444
8. All above specifications are also manufactured in their respective equivalent or nearest overseas standard also (ASTM, BS, DIN etc.)

Special Alloy Castings Grades can be developed as per the specific requirement of CUSTOMER.
Castings weight range 60 grams to 600 kilograms single piece.

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